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Customized Campus Visitor Guide Package

No cost to you - 100% funded by local sponsors
(in qualified markets)

Customized Campus Visit Marketing Assets at No Cost to Your School, 100% Funded by Local Sponsors

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Rutgers Visitor Guide Package

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What's Included?

University of Washington's Visitor Guide Magazine

Up to 30,000 Printed Official Visitor Guides
(dependent on school size)

  • Leave a lasting impression, after all, visitors prefer printed materials.
  • Reinforce your key message and enhance discovery.
Our research shows print is the most preferred media type for both students and parents while on the visit.

Visit Planning Micro Site

  • Focused information that prepares students and parents for the visit
  • Perfect to familiarize yourself with the campus and surrounding community
  • 79% of parents take the lead or significant role in planning the visit
University of Colorado Visitor Guide Website
University of Maryland's Visitor Guide Ebook

Official Visitor Guide Digital Magazine

  • A full re-creation of your printed guide – with augmented reality and video capabilities
  • Reach prospects before they step foot on campus
  • More than 70% of parents and prospects use digital tools to plan for their campus visit(1)

Accessible PDF version for
WCAG 2.0 Compliance included

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LiveVisit® delivers GPS-enabled, customizable self-guided tours for students and their parents. It’s the perfect solution for unannounced or self-directed campus tours.

Phones rotating

Creates Social Connections Using Student Ambassadors as Tour Guides

Facilitates Data Capture for Unannounced Visits

All within the visitor’s mobile browser...no app to download!

WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 Compliant

Use email distribution and/or QR codes posted around campus to drive traffic

Integrate with your CRM or MA platform by using forms to drive registrations

Create multiple custom tours and allow users to create their own

Include on campus and off campus content to facilitate discovery

Link to your post-visit survey

5 phones showing LiveVisit Screens

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