We Are Momentous

Some moments tower above others in their ability to make a lasting impact. We build tools that help you make your institution memorable at the most critical moments.

We are incredibly privileged that our partner universities entrust us to help tell their stories from pre-visit planning through the visit itself.



We’ve been working with university clients for thirty years, and we introduced our popular visitor guide platform back in 2003. So we’ve seen - and learned - a few things. In 2018, our insatiable curiosity led us to implement several new ongoing student/parent market research studies. That qualitative and quantitative research will ensure we stay focused on what’s most important for end users, helping make your visitor assets more successful.

The visit isn’t a point in time - it’s a process.

Our tools assist students and parents from the beginning stages of visit planning all the way through their big day on campus.

It’s not enough to trust that your prospective students and parents can sift through the daunting details of your .edu website or find exactly what they need in your massive mobile app designed for multiple audiences. You need focused materials that deliver exactly the right information at the right time. And we can help.

But wait there’s more…our core Visitor Guide platform can be created at no charge to your university, instead funded by local business sponsors.

Pre-Visit Planning

Our crowdsourced video service turns anyone in your fan base - current students, alumni or visitors - into passionate videographers to bring campus to life before your prospective students are even there. Our visit microsite cuts through the clutter to deliver visit planning information and reinforce key brand messages. And our e-book Visitor Guide format makes it easy to reference critical university and community information before they’ve even arrived.

Visitor Guide Website and Ebook with EnergEyes video
Visitor Guide Magazine and Progressive Web App

On Campus Visit

When your prospectives are in town, our printed Visitor Guide is exactly what they want. Parents and students both prefer print while on the visit. And our Progressive Web App, which works within their mobile browser, facilitates GPS-enabled exploration and discovery without having to download a native mobile app.

Post-Visit Follow Up

We conduct our own ongoing research with visitors, and we can help you do so as well. We believe that objective, third-party research that’s structured the right way is essential to winning the recruitment battle and upping your visitor experience game.

Student on Phone

We believe a few key moments can be the difference…

Students at sunset

The college decision is one of the most transformative in a person’s life. And the visit itself is one of the most influential days in arriving at their matriculation decision. We want to create wins for all of the stakeholders.

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