About Us

We help you support students with some of the most momentous decisions in their lives.

Funded by businesses in your local community and companies who want to hire your students, our high-quality print and digital materials are trusted by top-tier colleges and universities across the country. 

Momentous Campus Media was founded in 1988 as Campus Publishers. Over the years, we’ve come to understand that a student’s decision to enroll in higher education is one of the most momentous decisions they’ll make for their future. That’s why in 2019, we changed our name to Momentous Campus Media. We aid colleges and universities by making student resources that help them choose their school to attend as well as start their career upon graduation.

We’ve worked with hundreds of top-tier US universities. Our print and digital enrollment resources have helped colleges and universities deliver a better campus visit experience, which ultimately impacts their ability to increase student enrollment. Our print and digital career center resources have offered critical guidance and opportunities to graduating students providing them with the ability to be successful in their chosen field of study.

The products we offer have evolved based on what our university clients and their prospective students and parents have needed … and we always will. We operate from a place of great admiration for the “hallowed halls” of universities all the while listening to the needs of students who will enroll in higher education to strive for a better future.